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The main purpose and founding principle of Hear Matthew 11:28 Ministries is to function as a fellowship and render a helping hand to people who feel orphaned, neglected, and are unable to feel God’s love. Those who are tormented by the devil and demonic activities and are unable to face life and its challenges in their normal capacities are most often the beneficiaries of this ministry. I desire to help these people overcome their struggles by encouraging them to form a fellowship, in order to regularly teach them the word of God and offer personal counselling. Through the enlightenment, strength, and comfort they obtain from the word of God, I help them regain their lives and to return to normalcy in society. I mentally and spiritually rehabilitate the struggling members of the society irrespective of their religion, nationality, or culture. Hear Matthew 11:28 Ministries functions as a church, i.e., the body of Christ, in supporting and co-existing with fellow members of the church, in the communion, as Jesus Christ taught us to. We follow up and continue strengthening people through these fellowships and teach them to respect each other’s freedom and growth in Christ. Most importantly, we help them realize and understand the character and power of the Creator and Almighty God, Jesus Christ, through His love.


In the year 2012, I experienced the ‘rest’ of Jesus Christ when I went through a very difficult situation. Matthew 11:28 was the word which healed, strengthened, and motivated me to arise and move forward from my pain. I encourage people to find their rest, like me, in Christ, through Revelation 12:11: And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.I teach people to overcome the devil and his works through the word of God and His blood, and to love God above all. I also teach people to develop a true and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to learn from Him, as He is the way, the truth, and the life. My ultimate goal, as a bride and friend of Christ, is to help and enable others to find and be united with the bridegroom, Jesus Christ.